Jun 9, 2017

The thing about opening/running a small business is that it’s not the only thing with a to-do list. Especially with just having moved into a new house and knowing that I’ll be having a baby in the next couple weeks (and that, in my case, that means I’ll be having major surgery and won’t be able to move around so well for a few weeks afterward), there are just a lot of other things to get done, aside from anything business related. I’ve been trying to just let it all balance itself out naturally and, so far, it seems to be working.

Earlier this week I put a ton of time and energy into getting the kits all packaged up and knocking a bunch of other business things off my list. Today Bryan and I worked really hard to get the garage tidied up, got some new (to us) patio furniture that Bryan’s parents generously passed on since they got a new set, and this evening we even unpacked all the food storage and cleaned up everything in the big storage room in the basement. Not that it’s all organized the way I’d like it to be forever and ever, but at least now you can walk through it easily from one side to the other and have some hope of finding whatever you’re looking for. The house is a mess all over again and there’s still a lot on our to-do list for tomorrow, but I’m happy with everything we were able to get done today.

Sometimes balance means a little bit of everything and sometimes it means focusing all your energy on one thing and then moving on to the next. Thank goodness it doesn’t always have to be the same way. (Ha–balance.)

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