Stapling receipts to paper and other exciting tales

Jun 8, 2017

It’s getting down to the really exciting things. There’s only so much left on my business start up to-do list and what’s left is thrilling stuff. Like today I bought a filing bin and filed all the receipts. And decided to staple each receipt to a blank piece of paper so I could keep all the receipts a uniform size and give myself a place to write the category, what the purchase actually was, and the date it was made. It sounds dumb and repetitive, but it really does make them so much easier to flip through. 

I also tried to start a new budget in YNAB for my business, which I can/did do and it isn’t hard, but what is hard is trying to account for business expenses I’ve made on our family account. Hmm. Still trying to figure that one out. 

Still waiting on my custom stamp to come in the mail so I can stamp the inside of all the kit boxes. 

Oh, and I made an appointment with a new accountant because the other one I met with on Tues was nice, but seemed like maybe he didn’t really know what the internet was. Or if/how I need to collect and pay sales tax. Nice old man, but prob not the guy I want, ya know, advising me on finances or handling my taxes. And also the building he worked out of I legit thought was an abandoned tiny pioneer house… but it was his business. 

Like I said, really exciting stuff going on. 

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