True wealth

Jun 10, 2017

Only 17 more days until my scheduled c-section. It seems so crazy close, but also still hasn’t fully sunk in. We’re trying to make the most of our time before he’s born by getting house projects done and get everything ready and settled as much as we can. 

Today Bryan worked from sun up until way past sundown putting Olivia’s room together (hanging curtains, putting up her nightstand shelf thing), putting our king bed frame together, driving to and from IKEA for more things, and doing various other smaller jobs like setting up auto pay for bills. (p.s. why do so many websites have business hours? Is it 1990?)

While he was doing that I listed and successfully got rid of several things (ok, all but the dumb box spring) on Craigslist, went grocery shopping and returned something to Costco, did the budget, drove Olivia to and from a primary class party and did grocery shopping at Target in between, washed a couple days worth of dishes and put them all away, and–perhaps most impressive of all–completely cleared off the kitchen island. 

There are still several things left on our lists that we didn’t get to today, but I’m really happy with everything we were able to get done. 

And perhaps the cherry on top to having to email five billion people back and forth about free things we offered on Craigslist was that the couple who drove out late tonight to pick up some furniture we didn’t need turned out to be refugees who really did need and appreciate what we were giving. 

I’ve thought so many times lately how genuinely grateful I am to be here in our comfortable, happy home and I’ve prayed for opportunities to give to others outside our own limited circle and tonight that prayer was definitely answered. I’m so grateful for all we have, but perhaps even more grateful for the gift it is to give and share with others. The feeling I got when the man said, “God bless you,” so sincerely in his thick accent really was the essence of true wealth. To recognize God’s gifts–whether that gift is a table and chairs or an answered prayer–and to be grateful for them right in that moment. 

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