Harold the Bunny

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Harold the Bunny lived in a little white cottage with red shutters and a blue front door just at the edge of the woods. And what do you think he kept in his pockets?

Harold the Bunny is a children’s story geared for children anywhere from about age 4-10. Each postcard will include a short chapter of the story and a hand-drawn black and white illustration. Both the stories and illustrations are by Katie Lewis. (@katielewisstudio)

When you purchase a 3 month subscription, you will receive 15 postcards–one mailed each week for 15 weeks. Postcards are 4″ x 6″ printed on cardstock in black and white, so you can color in the pictures and collect them all!

The first postcard will be mailed Monday, March 23, 2020. Postcards will then continue to be mailed once a week through June 29, 2020.*

If you’d like to gift a story subscription to a friend, just fill out the order form as usual and be sure to put your friend’s address down for the mailing address.

Questions? Please email me directly at katielewisstudio@gmail.com

*Because postcards are mailed using regular stamp postage, no tracking is available, but if you ever think your postcard got lost in the mail please just shoot me an email and I’ll get another one sent out right away.

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