Mar 10, 2017

It’s funny how we just kind of know what we need to do next. Even for things we haven’t done before. We read something or hear something or know some fragmented part of what somebody else did or we just have thoughts and feelings and gut reactions that land us right where we need to be. Plus divine guidance, that’s for sure. 

I lived that firsthand today. Just a couple days ago, right after I was preaching about putting my work out there in spite of the fear it could get ripped off, I did a 180 and privately confided in my friend that I was thinking about going quiet with my work for a while. Thanks heavens she called me on it and told me it was the wrong thing, that, as she said, “stealers gonna steal” and that same day I shared more of what I had been working on and was glad. And just yesterday evening I was whining to my sister about how I didn’t know if my work was any good and if people were just being supportive to be nice.

But I’d had this pulling feeling yesterday evening that I should go somewhere to look into some things for this project I’ve been working on. I hemmed and hawed over going, even though I love the place, because it’s kind of a drive and I’d have to bring Felix with me (which can be a gamble), but I just bucked up and went this morning because I felt like I should. And what unfolded can only be characterized as a daydream kind of sequence that I can still hardly believe was real. The exact person I was hoping to talk to was there and available and so bright and kind and offered some really helpful insight. I had gone just hoping to poke around on my own and instead I left with super valuable feedback and an incredible show of support.

What had yesterday felt like a lonely, wandering project, walked out today with legs to stand on and a clearer, more real vision in mind. The dream I had been squirreling away in the back of my mind, hardly daring to admit even to myself, was somehow made real without my even asking for it.

And none of it could have happened if I hadn’t been sharing my work. Or doing the work. Which sprouted forth from nothing, really. I just wanted to do it. And to think, instead I could have just been watching Netflix.


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