Some things

Mar 9, 2017

It’s been one of those days/weeks where I’ve spent so much time staring at fabric and thinking all the things and staring some more and working and making during all available kid-free time that after a couple hours of going full steam ahead this evening I told myself it was time for a break. Sometimes I have good ideas. 

So I’m feeling a little too fried to write a super cohesive post right now, but I just wanted to say a few random/mildly related things, so here they are. (In non-numerical order with no particular rhyme or reason.)

  • I’ve been listening to the podcast Awesome with Alison the past few days while I work and I like it and would recommend it.
  • I worry daily that people won’t end up being into these quiet pages and that I’ll put all this work into something people aren’t even going to buy, let alone care about at all
  • I worry daily that people will buy them and then be mad that there’s so much edgestitching. But I’m kind of a one trick pony (I have a book to prove it) and edgestitching is just my thing. Once you get the hang of it it’s fast and easy and makes everything look super nice without actually having to do anything fancy. Plus it’s kind of necessary for the stuff I’m making because it makes the felt way more durable.
  • In spite of the aforementioned worries (and many more I won’t bother boring you with), I have a really strong vision for what I want to do with these patterns and kits I’m working on and I’m confident I can make it happen, but also worry about it a lot.
  • The sellers of the house we’re trying to buy are being weird and frustrating. But actually I don’t really worry about this at all. Unlike the quiet pages, all this stuff with the house is totally not in my control. If it’s meant to work out it will, if not something else will. In the mean time we’re listening to the good advice of our realtor and doing our best to keep moving forward. But also maybe let’s all pray that the sellers get their stuff figured out so they can move out and we can all be happy. Bonus points if they fix the calking on the windows.
  • I actually made dinner tonight. It was just french toast and eggs and sliced bananas and some yogurt, but if you’ve been in our house at dinner time for the past several months you would be so impressed with me right now. I honestly can’t remember the last time I made that real of a dinner all by myself, especially on a night when Bryan had work stuff and couldn’t be home for dinner or during bedtime.
  • Pregnancy isn’t taking over my life right now and it is SO NICE.
  • Bryan just got home (finally) so I’m gonna go.

The end.

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