Double page day

Mar 8, 2017

Usually I only get about two hours of free time while Felix is napping and Olivia’s at school each day and in that time I can typically finish about one quiet page (that includes all of the design work and sewing, start to finish). Today I designed and made one page this afternoon and then designed and made another (completely different) one this evening. Which is why I’m writing this well after midnight. Oi.

I used to work on things late into the night all the time, but I try not to do that anymore because, ya know, balance and sleep and stuff. But Bryan was washing dishes and folding laundry and doing a bunch of paperwork stuff for our home loan this evening anyway, so I figured I’d keep plugging ahead.

So far I really like the new all-fabric designs I’ve come up with. Some things are brand new designs, some are tweaked from previous designs. The result is a much more classic and cohesive look, which I’m pretty happy with.

I’m kinda in that phase of the project where I think my work is awesome, but then wonder if anyone will even like it or, ya know, buy it. Haha. Oh the irony of the state of my ego.

Anyway, I’m super tired so I’m off to bed. Nighty night.

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