Home Inspection

Mar 4, 2017

This morning Bryan and I went over to the new house to have the home inspection done. (For the record, Bryan’s mom came over to stay with the kids while we went. I always feel like I need to say that we don’t just leave them places, but probably no one wonders about that.) So if you’ve never bought a home before, (which would be us), basically before you seal the deal you have to hire a certified home inspector to come tell you every single thing that’s good/bad about the house. Then you make a list of things you want the seller to fix, see what they’ll agree to do, and go from there. As a result, I now know about literally every single thing in our house that needs to be fixed (all of it pretty minor) from the caulking on the windows to the barely-leaking random pipe thing on the top of the water heater. 

The guy that did our home inspection was great and super patient with us not knowing stuff and genuinely inviting of questions and really good about explaining every little thing. He even took a video for us explaining how to turn on the pilot light on the gas fireplace because, holy cow, that is a random and obscure multi-step process. Buttons on a hidden panel I didn’t even know existed that have to be pushed and turned and pulled simultaneously in a very specific sequence. It’s times like this I like to remind myself that if he were trying to learn to sew he’d probably need to me record a video of how to thread the machine, which I do without even having to think about it. Sometimes you gotta remind yourself that you’re good at stuff.

The other thing that was great about the home inspection was that it was four hours of walking around the house that, more than anything, reaffirmed to us that we really like the house. And because we were there for four hours and I’m pregnant I had to pee twice and, let me tell you, that bathroom on the main floor is nice. It’s not just one of those closets that happens to have a toilet and sink in it. It’s nice and spacious (ya know, for a half bath) and has a full window on one wall to let in lots of light. Plus the blinds (in the whole house, but also in the bathroom) are those nice wide white wooden blinds that are classy and sturdy and they have that fake molding panel at the top of each window to cover up the box thing up above the blinds. Maybe I’m just a cheap person who’s been living in rentals with cedar blocks and wood paneling for too long, but, man, I’m impressed. Plus the people who live there now have super soft hand towels. I gotta get me some of those.

After the home inspection where I was mostly standing up and walking around for four hours straight my body was shot and I crashed hard on the couch at home and slept for a while. I don’t remember what I dreamed about but I remember waking up realizing I had been super deep asleep. It’s like my body’s used to being mostly sedentary or something. (Insert nervous face emoji.)

Anyway, this is super anticlimactic, but my seasonal allergies are killing me and I have other stuff to do now, so the end.


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