Wake up

Mar 3, 2017

When you wake up to pee/because of bad seasonal allergies even though you took 24 hour allergy meds before going to bed/because you had an unprompted (and hopefully unfounded) dream where you thought you were about to be told that you had cancer and only a few days left to live/once you’re up you realize it’s already 6:30am and you have a doctor’s appointment in a few hours and already had an alarm set for 7am anyway so you might as well just stay up and get going on the day/once you realize you might as well stay up you start itching to check IG to see which option people would pick for purchasing your quiet page pattern and/or kits/you remembered some other things you wanted to price out for them/you’re sitting up in bed trying to be quiet and not wake your husband but you’re already sneezing so much it’s getting pretty noisy/the thought occurs to you that maybe if you go down down you could have pop tarts for breakfast without the kids seeing…

Well, that’s just when it’s time to get up.

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