Art museum

Jul 6, 2017

Started making good today on one, well, actually two, of my goals from yesterday–going to a museum and doing more art with the kids. 

Both of our older (i.e. not newborn baby) kids love creating art–and so do I!–but as a mom it can be overwhelming logistically to make it happen. And also, I’m learning that I definitely do better with some semblance of structure rather than just randomly pulling something out of thin air. 

So today we went on a fun family outing to the big American Art museum in DC. We told the kids on the way there that we’d be taking pictures of art we liked and then we’d make our own art projects at home inspired by the originals. Maybe it would be by imitating the art piece or maybe just being inspired by the process the artists used. So as we walked around the museum we took lots of pictures of art we liked to use for future reference. My plan is to pick at least one piece of art each week and work with the kids to make their own projects inspired by the original art we saw at the museum. 

Our seven year old who looooves to draw was especially inspired and soon after we got home she set to work drawing her own self portrait, inspired by one we saw at the museum. It was really sweet and fun and fulfilling as a mom to watch that all unfold. 

Anyway, so maybe I pulled the museum trip out of thin air, but I’m looking forward to having a set of pictures to work on art projects from instead of just trying to come up with things willy nilly. And hopefully by the end of the summer we will have tried our hands at lots of great art. 

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