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This listing is for a custom doll that will I will make according to your specifications.

Each doll and all of its accessories are entirely stitched by hand. I sew each piece, slowly, one at a time. Each and every doll and accessory is one of a kind–just like you.

Each clothing item and accessory can be taken off and put back on.

Full size dolls measure approx. 5″ tall x 3″ wide at arm tips.

Each full size doll arrives packaged in a 5″x6″ kraft box with removable lid. This not only makes for beautiful and easy gifting, but also works well as a doll bed.

Baby dolls measure approx. 2 1/2″ tall x 1″ wide. The blanket is stitched on securely and cannot be removed.

Each baby doll arrives packaged in a 2″x3″ kraft box with removable lid. This also works well for gifting or as a doll bed.

How it works: 

Step 1: Place your order — Simply choose from the drop down menu whether you’d like a custom baby doll or full size doll and place your order!

If you’re ordering a whole family of dolls (yay!) please go through the custom order steps for each doll. I am fully on board with coordinating your family’s outfits so that they all look great together.

If you are ordering multiple custom or ready made dolls and all of the dolls in your order have the same shipping address, I will wait until all of the custom dolls have been completed and then ship them together in one package. If you have any questions or need assistance, I am more than happy to help. Just email me directly at

Step 2: Follow up email — Once your order has been placed, you’ll get an email from me within 1-2 business days asking you for:

  • an inspiration photo of the person (or family!) you’d like the doll(s) to look like (if applicable). I’ll use this photo as inspiration for how to dress your doll(s) *and/or* if you’d prefer to simply tell me how you’d like your doll(s) to be dressed or a few key ideas to use as jumping off points that works too!
  • your preferences for each of the following
    • skin color
    • hair color
    • hair style
    • gender (optional–see below)

A girl doll’s wardrobe will include:

  • undies
  • camisole
  • skirt or pants or dress
  • optional shirt if pants are chosen
  • purse or knapsack
  • a half apron or full crossback apron if desired

A boy doll’s wardrobe will include:

  • boxer undies
  • pants
  • shirt
  • messenger bag or knapsack

A baby doll will include:

  • a blanket that is stitched on

Please know that I am more than happy to mix and match the various girl/boy options within reason. I have divided the options into these lists for general convenience, but I am in no way trying to be exclusive of those with a wide range of various gender identities. I want your doll to look and feel just right to YOU.

Once I have all the info I need from you I’ll get started on making your doll! We’ll continue to email back and forth throughout the process as needed.

Step 3: Confirm and ship — Once I have finished your custom doll, I’ll send you a photograph of the finished doll and all of its accessories. At that point if there’s anything that needs to be changed we’ll have a chance to discuss it and make any necessary changes. When you’ve confirmed you’re happy with it, I’ll ship it out!

Please see below for more details including shipping.

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How to use fasteners on clothing: Some clothing items feature a felt “button” with thread wrapped around it. For example, on all pants, shorts, etc., there is a button at the waist. To remove the clothing, simply unwind the thread from around the button. This will make the clothing easier to remove. When you’re ready to put the clothes back on, simply dress the doll, cinch any waistline as needed by pulling gently on the thread, and wind the extra thread around the button again.

Shipping: USPS Priority shipping is FREE on all orders within the United States. All dolls ship in USPS flat rate boxes.

Materials: This product is made entirely of fabric and felt. The fabric is a variety of new and vintage fabrics that I collect. All felt is high quality 100% wool felt. The doll is stuffed with wool stuffing.

Care Instructions: Treat lovingly. Spot clean if necessary.

Pattern Credit: This doll and its accessories are made from or originally based on the Tiny Rag Doll Pattern created by Ann Wood.

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