In The Water

Dec 13, 2017 Thinking about success Not so much as a landing place There is no residence there Only thrilling waves to ride And then back in the water Always, always In the water

Next batch

Dec 11, 2017 I'm busily working away at the final batch of kitties for this year. They all have beds and blankets, all they need now is their books (and name cards and to be photographed and listed in the shop, but who's counting?). I'll keep making more in January, but the Christmas shipping deadlines … Continue reading Next batch

I gave a talk in church today

Dec 10, 2017 I gave a talk in church today I practiced, planned ahead But then when I got up to speak All my best thoughts had fled I gave a talk in church today They told me I did well But I'd be glad if after this I had a quiet spell


Dec 8, 2017 They say it's s'posed to snow tonight That we'll wake up to inches of white The kids have planned sledding I've used extra bedding But so far the flakes haven't started to fall I wonder if it will snow at all

Origin Stories

Dec 4, 2017 Origin stories Make me think of heroes Rising from ooze Or college kids selling hotdogs From a tiny trailer off campus But I know in my heart That this one I'm trying to get at Is simpler As soon as I stop trying It'll come to me