Morning, Afternoon, & Night

Dec 27, 2017

This morning we were going to take the kids over to the school playground to ride their bikes, but it was so cold out that our three year old couldn’t even hold onto the handlebars because he was too busy trying to stuff his little hands into his coat pockets. So we came home and they played and I worked on a thousand piece puzzle instead.

This afternoon my husband was putting together the new twin bed for our three year old and when he got to the end he realized he’d forgotten to buy the slats that go across the bottom for the mattress to sit on top of. So this evening after dinner we drove the 45 minutes out to Ikea to get the bed slats, let the kids play in the toy section for a bit, and then drove home. When we got the kids in bed in the other room my husband set out to put the slats on and finish the bed when he realized we’d bought the wrong size. Later he told me it felt like, “Idaho?” I interrupted. “Yeah.”

I spent tonight began slogging through the bookkeeping for my business. It’s a big long mess from Jan 1 up through today. I told myself I’d be on it from day one this time around, but the truth is it’s just a mess starting a business because at first everything’s going on the family debit and credit cards and then you finally get the business bank account and in this case my business debit card was being dumb for months (the guy at the bank just didn’t set it up right) and I wasn’t sure which electronic receipts I needed to print out (turns out: all of them), so… it’s all a mess. I’m going through one month, one account, at a time. So far I’ve finished up Jan-May (sort of). At this point I don’t even know what I wish I’d done differently, but I sure hope I can finish this game of catch up by the end of the week because I’d pretty much rather be doing anything else.

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