I hope they remember me working

Dec 6, 2017

Today I stayed home. It was the best.

Also today I listed the second batch of kitties in the shop and I’ll admit I wasn’t watching quite as closely because I was too busy creaming the husband at a board game, but the kitties all sold out in about a couple hours and I’m really just so grateful. Yes, for the return on the investment of my time and materials, but honestly even more because it gives me an excuse to keep making more and to keep having something fun to think about and plan for and do.

And an excuse to model for my children what work looks like up close. I think kids need to see that, to watch the way a grown up’s face looks when they’re concentrating. And to see what it means to put forth effort and see the personal fulfillment and joy that comes out of it, not out of the earnings, but of the work itself. So often I catch myself recognizing that every time my daughter sees me working on projects it’s giving her a window into future opportunities. A memory to call back later and remember she has options. And a front row seat for my boys, too, to see what honest, fulfilling work looks like. My husband works hard in incredibly fulfilling work, too, as an optometrist and I couldn’t be more proud of him, but the kids don’t get to see that up close because, understandably, he does that work in an office. I do my work right in front of them, aware of their watching little eyes. There’s good in it.

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