Dec 29, 2017 I know enough About how to start a fire Where to put the dried twigs and bits How to lean the bigger logs together Where to hold the match When you need to egg it on And when to let it be How to get it blazing Growing Flames licking Full of … Continue reading Kindling

Goals, you guys

Dec 25, 2017 Only 6 more days of writing on my blog every day! Only 6 more days of me sitting in bed, finished with everything else, thinking, "bah, I gotta write on my blog." Slogging along to the very end.

Christmas Eve

Dec 24, 2017 Are you getting excited for me to not write on my blog every day?! Because I am! Briefly considered giving myself an early Christmas present by declaring the year of blogging over, but, alas, we trudge onward into what's sure to be an entirely anti climatic finish on Dec 31. In other … Continue reading Christmas Eve


Dec 22, 2017 Ruh-roh. Woke up to go to the bathroom and realized I didn't write on my blog before falling asleep! Eeek! First time all year! Haha. But I'm still counting this because, first of all, it's still kinda the middle of the night and I haven't woken up for the day for reals … Continue reading Yipes!