Long term list of things I want to make

Nov 26, 2017

Often I make lists of things I want to accomplish that day or that week or in the near future, but here’s a list I’d love to complete that could take years. More a becoming I’m after, the memories I want my children and guests and friends and family to have in and under and around the makes. (And, it probably goes without saying, but of course this list is not comprehensive.) In no particular order…

  • Matching/coordinating hand-quilted quilts for the boys’ twin beds
  • Hand-quilted quilt for Olivia’s twin bed
  • Hand knit or crocheted blankets for each child’s bed
  • A sweater for Bryan
  • At least one sweater for each child
  • A big basketful of cozy quilts in the living room to curl up under

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