Speaking of gratitude

Nov 23, 2017

I had a thought this evening as I was inwardly bemoaning all the many inconveniences of breastfeeding: that, aside from its innumerable benefits and blessings, perhaps the one I treasure most is that snuggle time with my baby. As they start eating solids and nursing less and less I always feel so selfishly liberated by being tied down with fewer and fewer feedings. But. There always comes this moment when they’re done nursing or almost done and it occurs to me that they’re never coming back to snuggle with me that much ever again. It’s not just their diet that’s changed, but by this time they’re mobile and running around and no longer circling back to me every few hours for quiet time to snuggle up to me while I feel their dimpled little elbows. They get bigger. And while I can sincerely say I love and enjoy my eight year old just as much as my three year old and five month old and hallelujah there are good days ahead–I can’t help but find that one moment so grounding. To be running smiling and open-armed into the future with them, but just for that one present minute to feel them heavy and asleep in your arms, their cheeks warm and soft, their whole little body so peaceful and snuggled. If there’s anything about being a parent I’ve learned to do better now on my third child, it’s knowing that moment is coming. And soaking in those warm sleepy cheeks a few hundred extra times before it does.

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