Olivia’s Picture Shop

Nov 17, 2017

About a month ago my daughter saw me working on things to sell for a craft fair tomorrow and asked if she could sell some things there too. I checked with the people running it and they said yes, so she started working on drawing little illustrations to sell. We also got a few sets of little round wooden tiles that she drew picture matches on for memory sets. They’re so cute. Tonight she picked out fabric from my stash which I cut to make some drawstring bags and wrote “memory” with a fabric chalk pencil on each bag which I stitched in her sweet 8 year old handwriting. I sewed up the bags and she added the drawstrings all by herself and then wrote out little price tags for each one. I have a chalkboard sign for my display that I wrote my prices on and she wanted to do that too, so I got a smaller one and showed her how to space out the words and she legit wrote out her whole little sign and did such a good job. As we were working together this evening and talking about the craft fair tomorrow she told me, “I don’t even care about the money. I’m not like, ‘Money! Money! Money!’ I just like being nice to people.” She has a brand new red cardigan with sequins to wear along with her glasses that make her look young and wise all at once. I hope I’ll be able to sell a few things tomorrow, but honestly I’m just so excited to go hang out with her and watch her live it up.

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