Fresh Air

Nov 9, 2017

Today has been drizzly dreary weather indeed. The kind that makes it extra cozy to stay inside and snuggle up with an old quilt and a good book. 

But I didn’t. 

After preschool drop off I bundled up the baby and went walking with my friend. It wasn’t raining when we started and I was glad because, if it had been, we likely would have skipped our walk. But soon after we started it turned to a constant spittle rain that made the air feel even more fresh and alive than usual on a crisp fall day. It’s the kind of weather you don’t want to go in from, once you’ve already been out soaking it in. 

So I was. 

Out in it, I mean. After feeding the baby and doing preschool pick up and lunch with the husband and feeding the baby again I bundled up the little boys in the big stroller and set out on another walk. Like this morning, it started dry and then turned spittle-y. By the time I thought to put the rain cover on, both the baby and toddler were fast asleep and I would have had to jostle them around too much to cover them, so I checked to be sure their cheeks were warm and let their coats and blankets be enough. “The fresh air is good for them,” I told myself. 

And for me too. 

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