Idaho bleach eyes

Nov 7, 2017

Once in our first year of marriage my husband and I drove from Utah to Oregon to visit family. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Idaho we passed a huge factory of some kind and, after a quick pitstop, I remember drifting off to sleep as we headed toward the exit thinking, “I’ll just sleep for a couple hours and then when I wake up we’ll be a couple hours closer.” 

But when I woke up a couple hours later, it was to a slow and terrible realization that my husband, who was driving, had accidentally gone off that exit the wrong direction and, not only were we not a couple hours closer, we were now even further away and I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way I felt passing that dumb factory again. 

It was something akin to the way I felt trying all. the. things. to get the baby to stop screaming and go down for a nap today, only to wake up two hours later still holding him and realize that I had dozed off right before my husband came home for his lunch break, slept through the whole thing, and then woke up even hungrier and bleach-y eyed than I’d felt before. 

2 thoughts on “Idaho bleach eyes

  1. emcondiegmailcom says:

    Oh man. That Idaho story sounds like the worst. At least today you had a cute baby in your arms but man, missing all of nap time to get something done and hang out with your husband isn’t fun either! Here’s to a better nap time tomorrow! And I had to chuckle about trying all the things to get sweet baby down for his nap. I remember that feeling, like pleaseeeeeee just sleep already! Hahaha. But seriously, better luck for tomorrow! Love you!

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