Things I like about working

Nov 6, 2017

Here’s something that I really like about working: thinking. Thinking about how to make something good or even better. Thinking about the person it’s for. Thinking about how it might impact my life or the life of someone it’s for, even if that impact is just making them smile or giving them a good laugh or letting them know they’re remembered and valued. I like thinking about how something works and if it’s working the best way it can. If I’m working with physical materials I like thinking about the colors and textures and how they all interrelate and how all of that plays into the overall experience of, say, opening the package it arrives in. I like the forward motion of it all. The way it takes the good I’m already doing (getting that work done) and propels it forward into doing even better work. I like the way I feel when I’m done working and I can look back on that time–whether it’s five minutes or five hours–and see the progress I’ve made and the things I’ve accomplished. Sometimes working gets a bad rap (rap? rep? rap? I’m not sure). But I like it. 

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