Hands That Know

Nov 5, 2017

I’m getting better at reading the stitches

And learning the passage of time

You purl and you knit

And you bake and you sit

And keep rocking the babe while he’s crying


But they sleep and wake up and keep growing

Becoming the people they are

Though they’re little I know

That still they will grow

And someday they’ll venture afar


How I want them to be ever ready

For the world and the choices they make

How to save and to earn

And continually learn

And to always give more than they take


But more than that, too, I want for them

Not just checkbooks that balance up fair

But hearts that grow fonder

Not the more that they wander

But of blessings they’re keenly aware


May their hands ever know how to offer

What some may call hobbies with scorn

But which I’ve come to know

Can give life a real glow

From creation it’s heart that is born


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