Box of 100

Nov 4, 2017

So, I started sewing these little kitties. (You can see them on instagram.) I don’t remember what day I started making them, but it was whatever day our 3 year old chose two tiny penguin toys from the potty prize bin. I remember this specifically because after he went to bed I was going to surprise him with a fun little bed/house for the penguins when he woke up the next day, so I rummaged around and found a small box and in the end got sidetracked sewing little kitties and decided they’d work well for selling at the craft fair I’m participating at in a couple weeks. So, the penguins never got their bed, but the great thing about surprises is that if you they don’t happen then no one’s the wiser. Ha! Plus the kids already have a few earlier models of these toys to play with, so I wouldn’t feel too bad for them. After playing around with the first few prototypes I landed on a style and pattern I loved and hurried out the next day for more tiny boxes. You guys. It’s addicting, but in a good way. Putting all the different tiny little fabric combinations together is so fun and satisfying. And I get to use really nice materials without having to jack up the price like crazy because everything is so small. And so cute! I don’t know why everything is so much more charming in miniature, but it just is. Anyway, I haven’t actually sold any yet (though several have already been claimed), but today I went ahead and bought a pack of 100 more of the tiny boxes, which should arrive early next week. And I can’t wait it to arrive so I can keep making more kitties. 

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