Oct 29, 2017

Tonight when we hurried to pile back into the car after a family dinner at Nana and Papa’s house, it was, well, cold. After such a long, hot, humid summer and several mild fall days, to head out into the dark in the pouring rain in my sandals and Sunday skirt left me really shivering. It was cold. I was cold. It was miserable and wonderful all at once. The kids were wrapped in old towels Nana had covered them with for the short, but very wet scramble to the car. Once in the front seat with the door shut I fumbled around in the bin on the floor in the back for the fleece emergency car blanket and wrapped it around me as best I could while I turned up the heater. We warmed up on the drive home and thanked Heaven to not be pioneers. When we got home we pulled into our detached garage and then wrapped back up in our towels and blankets for the final short, cold, wet scurry into the house. We changed into jammies and cozied up under warm, dry blankets in front of the fireplace while we wrote in journals and read scriptures and read our fun chapter book together before the kids went to bed. What a gift and a thrill it is to feel things, to be so cold and then get toasty warm again. 

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