New email?

Oct 28, 2017

Guys, I’ve had the same personal email for over 10 years now. I know for sure it’s been that long because I distinctly remember I had to get a legit (i.e. not embarrassing) email account my senior year of college and it was before Bryan got home from his mission and I thought we’d get married, but didn’t want to be that weirdo who used her boyfriend’s last name before anything was even official, let alone before he even set foot back in the US after being gone for two years. But I also didn’t want to use my maiden name because, like I said, I thought I’d be getting married soon (which, for the record–and thank heavens!–I turned out to be right about). So instead of dealing with the last name issue I just used my first name and my graduating year. This December will be our 10 year anniversary, which means I’ve been using that same email account for a solid 10+ years. And apparently it’s almost full.

I’ve been getting threatening “your storage is almost full!” notices for, I dunno, maybe a year or two now? But up until now they’ve been fairly ambiguous. Then tonight when I got on to respond to an email there was a notice at the top saying that my storage was almost full and unless I deleted some stuff I soon wasn’t going to be able to send or receive any emails. Hmm.

I went through and deleted around 4,000 emails from old folders, but the effect seemed to be, well, not actually very effective. And it’s led me to think that maybe the best thing to do at this point is to just start fresh with a new email address. I’d like to stick with the old one, but there are just so many junk emails for things I signed up for and don’t care about anymore that flood it every day that I can’t even keep up with managing that stuff and three small human beings who need, like, food and attention. I’ve tried several times to go through and unsubscribe to things, but it’s starting to feel more than a little like throwing the starfish back except that it didn’t even matter to that one. Buh.

So for business things I’ll of course still be using the katielewisstudio email associated with this site, but I guess it’s time for me to start thinking of a new personal email address. At least I know which last name to use this time.

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