Oct 23, 2017

Today was one of those days where I let the three year old watch Busy Town all morning and we just chilled together while I folded laundry and made bread (two loaves actually–one I started last night and baked for a friend I visit teach who has a lot of family in town and one I started right after the first loaf went in the oven that I’m baking right now to go with our dinner), packaged up orders from my etsy shop, worked on one of the sweaters I’m knitting, and looked at air bnb’s while I day dreamed about going on a family trip to the beach tomorrow for Bryan’s day off instead of taking kids to school and doctor appointments. Later the boys took naps and we got the oldest from school and ran errands together. Now the second loaf of bread is baking and there’s a batch of pumpkin bars from scratch for our family night treat that’s next in line for the oven. Kids are doing homework (well, one’s doing homework and one thinks he is) and the husband’s on his way home and then we’ll sit down to good leftovers. All in all, it hasn’t been a bad Monday. 

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