Pride: the greatest weapon of mass destruction

Oct 21, 2017

I was reading in Alma chapter 2 in the Book of Mormon this morning about the Amlicites that want Amlici to be king and when the people vote him down Amlici and his followers join forces with the Lamanites and so many die on both sides of the fight. And it occurred to me that all of these deaths were preventable. Every single one. And they weren’t caused by famine or flood, but by the pride of men. These are lives that could have been saved with humility. 

What a courageous and important thing it is–both then and now–to own up to our mistakes. To say I’m sorry. To ask forgiveness. To give it. To make compromises with each other about the little things. To give service when it isn’t asked for or noticed or even appreciated. To notice others and talk together about our differences and the things we all share. Maybe we won’t understand, but at least we can try. 

To think–all those deaths. And they might have instead been caring for their flocks and raising their children and we just don’t know how early on humility is going to make the difference, but it always always will. 

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