Threat level notebook

Oct 17, 2017

You guys. For the first time in years (YEARS) I’m without a fresh notebook. Today I used up my last page in my last notebook and I thought I had one more in my stash, but I don’t. YOU GUYS. 

This is like… I don’t even know what it’s like. Every single day for years now I’ve gone to bed making a to-do list in my notebook for the following day. And then throughout the day I check off the things on my list and write other notes. I’m lost without it. It’s like if you’ve been tracking your steps with a Fitbit every single day for YEARS and then suddenly it breaks and, yeah, of course your body is still counting all your steps in the calories it burns and the muscles that get toned, but there’s no record of it! You suddenly don’t get any credit! Aghh! 

I was about to order them on Amazon and pay for same-day shipping for the first time in my life, but they only offer 2 day shipping on it anyway. Boo. And the only place I’ve ever found to buy them in person is at a store called Paper Source, but the closest one I knew of it out in Georgetown and that’s just too far for tomorrow, plus I already have plans in the morning. But! Then I looked up Paper Source on google maps just to see if maybe there’s one closer and guess what?! There’s one right where my plans for tomorrow are! Hooraaaay!!!

Now let’s all just pray they actually have my notebooks in stock. 

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