Fitness is hard

Oct 14, 2017

You guys, I think about weight loss/exercise/healthy eating stuff a lot. Like, daily. But I don’t write about it because I don’t have any great answers or new insights and I wish I were making more progress, but the reality is I’m not really at the moment. And sometimes I think about committing myself to some new self-imposed program to get back on track, but the honest truth is that I’ve done that so many times and the thought of doing it again is just exhausting. Especially since the phase of life I’m in right now isn’t super conducive to specific plans. 

Like, even if I wake up at 6am, I’m still likely to end up nursing the baby instead of exercising. And as much as I’d love to plan a bunch of healthy meals, the reality is they just take more prep time, often right at dinner time before the dish is made, which I just can’t count on getting when there are three little people who need me for a variety of things at all times. But also, those seem like lame excuses? Probably because they are? 

My (fairly realistic) dream is to just sign up for a weights class a few times a week and go walking the other days and get all my exercise in without having to think about it or re-commit to it each day, but I also don’t want to spend money on a class or gym membership right now. 

And I want to compliment the healthy exercise with lots of veggies and healthy delicious foods. I really don’t want to be on a diet or count calories again. Gestational diabetes earlier this year was awful and gave me a whole new appreciation for being able to eat a wide variety of things. But I don’t want to eat so much that I get wide either. I want to live in a way that’s healthy and sustainable long-term, but it’s hard to strike a balance between so many things. And it’s hard to break free of the sugar/chocolate addiction, especially when I’m using it to compensate for, ya know, having little kids around all day needing me all the time. 

I know from experience that I do better with a specific plan, but I also know that it’s really hard to stick to a plan when it doesn’t seem to be giving results. Or when it gives results too fast and leaves me feeling sore. Ha! 

Anyway, I told you I had nothing new to add. I just want to be better and look better and feel better and it’s hard and time-consuming and I’d rather be sewing or knitting or doing something more fun and not sweaty, but I also wish I were sewing and knitting for a body with a more defined waist so… there you go. 

3 thoughts on “Fitness is hard

  1. Emily says:

    I hear ya. I think I’m on the verge of a fitness breakthrough. Like I’m about to commit to really diligently exercising. Because I’m over being extra squishy. My baby is 9 months old and we are headed into the months where I eat everything chocolate, sweet, fattening, etc. Okay, what I mean by that is there are more of those things available, because truthfully, I eat like that year round. All this to say, I get it. And maybe I’m only a smidgen ahead of you because my baby is 6 months older than yours. I still think you are amazing and your skirt you sewers is super cute no matter the size of the waistline.

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  2. emcondiegmailcom says:

    I think about this a lot too. And man, the 30’s mess with your metabolism?! Right?! Agh! But! My friend and I have been doing this thing where our goal is to eat three servings of veggies a day. That’s it. No calorie counting or anything else. And you can eat whatever else. And I have yet to see any change in my waistline but man, it affects how I feel big time. And it has been such a low stress thing because instead of worrying about “oh I can’t eat that” I’m only focused on getting those three servings in. And it’s working because I’m replacing some of the bad stuff in order to get those servings in, ya know? And bonus,
    I can still have all the chocolate I want, because that isn’t my focus. Also, I love love love fitness blender! Not that I have been doing them lately 🙈 But I love how they are free and you can do a ten minute video or a 45 minute one and both leave you feeling like you had a good workout. Anyways, I’m definitely no expert and I need to be way better but I hope that helps a little bit! ❤️

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