Almost November 

Oct 30, 2017

It’s hard to believe November is the day after tomorrow. I think having Halloween on the very last day of the month always makes November sneak up on me. November with Thanksgiving and December with Christmas and then New Year’s and that’s the ballgame, on to the next year. Here’s to enjoying it instead of trying to rush through it. The holiday season is such a special time and always speeds by too fast anyway. 


Oct 29, 2017

Tonight when we hurried to pile back into the car after a family dinner at Nana and Papa’s house, it was, well, cold. After such a long, hot, humid summer and several mild fall days, to head out into the dark in the pouring rain in my sandals and Sunday skirt left me really shivering. It was cold. I was cold. It was miserable and wonderful all at once. The kids were wrapped in old towels Nana had covered them with for the short, but very wet scramble to the car. Once in the front seat with the door shut I fumbled around in the bin on the floor in the back for the fleece emergency car blanket and wrapped it around me as best I could while I turned up the heater. We warmed up on the drive home and thanked Heaven to not be pioneers. When we got home we pulled into our detached garage and then wrapped back up in our towels and blankets for the final short, cold, wet scurry into the house. We changed into jammies and cozied up under warm, dry blankets in front of the fireplace while we wrote in journals and read scriptures and read our fun chapter book together before the kids went to bed. What a gift and a thrill it is to feel things, to be so cold and then get toasty warm again. 

New email?

Oct 28, 2017

Guys, I’ve had the same personal email for over 10 years now. I know for sure it’s been that long because I distinctly remember I had to get a legit (i.e. not embarrassing) email account my senior year of college and it was before Bryan got home from his mission and I thought we’d get married, but didn’t want to be that weirdo who used her boyfriend’s last name before anything was even official, let alone before he even set foot back in the US after being gone for two years. But I also didn’t want to use my maiden name because, like I said, I thought I’d be getting married soon (which, for the record–and thank heavens!–I turned out to be right about). So instead of dealing with the last name issue I just used my first name and my graduating year. This December will be our 10 year anniversary, which means I’ve been using that same email account for a solid 10+ years. And apparently it’s almost full.

I’ve been getting threatening “your storage is almost full!” notices for, I dunno, maybe a year or two now? But up until now they’ve been fairly ambiguous. Then tonight when I got on to respond to an email there was a notice at the top saying that my storage was almost full and unless I deleted some stuff I soon wasn’t going to be able to send or receive any emails. Hmm.

I went through and deleted around 4,000 emails from old folders, but the effect seemed to be, well, not actually very effective. And it’s led me to think that maybe the best thing to do at this point is to just start fresh with a new email address. I’d like to stick with the old one, but there are just so many junk emails for things I signed up for and don’t care about anymore that flood it every day that I can’t even keep up with managing that stuff and three small human beings who need, like, food and attention. I’ve tried several times to go through and unsubscribe to things, but it’s starting to feel more than a little like throwing the starfish back except that it didn’t even matter to that one. Buh.

So for business things I’ll of course still be using the katielewisstudio email associated with this site, but I guess it’s time for me to start thinking of a new personal email address. At least I know which last name to use this time.

Things I’d like to do today

Oct 27, 2017

  • Shower
  • Make fresh salsa 
  • And really good taco meat
  • And eat it all
  • Get lots of work done on house portraits 
  • And things I’m making for the craft fair next month
  • And more accessories for the tiny bunny toy for the kids
  • And a skirt for Olivia
  • Put together the IKEA furniture we bought this week
  • And put things away in all the new drawers
  • Buy baskets for under the coffee table to put diapers in 
  • Do laundry
  • Fold and put it all away
  • Go on a date

Deals I’ve made with spiders

Oct 26, 2017

Sometimes there are spiders that I come across that I don’t especially feel like killing/moving (aka I’m being a sissy about and secretly waiting for the husband to remove them), so instead we strike a deal. 

The first was on our front porch in New York. It stood guard near our front door and we had an understanding that I’d leave it alone if it did the same to me. And bonus if it caught other bugs and stopped them from bothering us. We both faithfully kept up our end up the bargain until the husband actually cleaned the porch one time and swept up all the cobwebs. Oops. (But also yay.)

I now have similar deals with each of the tiny spiders camped out in what seems like every floor corner in our master bathroom, particularly the one near both the toilet and shower. No creeping on me and I leave them alone. Though I admit I’m troubled by the fact that our master bathroom alone is able to sustain so much life. Like, I don’t wanna go back on my word, but I also kinda want to put a pin in it before it evolves into its own ecosystem. 

But maybe don’t tell them that. 

And maybe even a little time for sewing

Oct 25, 2017

Back door’s open, crisp fall air coming in, sunshine bright and fresh. Baby sucking his fingers, chubby legs up in the air, three year old looking for his magic wand. To-do lists made, husband home for the day. This Wednesday feels like a Saturday, but with the oldest in school and a doctor appointment already out of the way. 

Full disclosure

Oct 24, 2017

  • It’s late and I’m really tired right now 
  • We’re probably not actually getting a dog anytime soon/ever 
  • The pumpkin bars we made yesterday only called for a 1/2 batch of cream cheese frosting, but we did a whole batch
  • We’ve probably only bothered buying/using dryer sheets for .001% of our marriage 


Oct 23, 2017

Today was one of those days where I let the three year old watch Busy Town all morning and we just chilled together while I folded laundry and made bread (two loaves actually–one I started last night and baked for a friend I visit teach who has a lot of family in town and one I started right after the first loaf went in the oven that I’m baking right now to go with our dinner), packaged up orders from my etsy shop, worked on one of the sweaters I’m knitting, and looked at air bnb’s while I day dreamed about going on a family trip to the beach tomorrow for Bryan’s day off instead of taking kids to school and doctor appointments. Later the boys took naps and we got the oldest from school and ran errands together. Now the second loaf of bread is baking and there’s a batch of pumpkin bars from scratch for our family night treat that’s next in line for the oven. Kids are doing homework (well, one’s doing homework and one thinks he is) and the husband’s on his way home and then we’ll sit down to good leftovers. All in all, it hasn’t been a bad Monday. 

Dog brain

Oct 22, 2017

More and more lately I’ve had this impulse to want to get a dog. I think this is mostly due to the fact that tons of people in our area have dogs and it’s just part of the culture. Maybe also because we’re not renting for the first time in our marriage? Any time pets have come up in the past it’s been an easy no because, as renters, we weren’t allowed. 

But now the main things holding me off are: dog fur/smell all over our brand new house, picking up poop in bags on the daily, having to go for walks even in bad weather, cost of food, grooming, and medical. Plus, honestly, I kind of dread getting a beloved pet knowing we’d outlive it. 

On the other hand, I think our kids would die of happiness if we got a sweet dog. I also like the idea of bringing a dog on walks and having the excuse/pressure to get out on a walk every day. And Bryan and I have been stockpiling dog names (most from favorite movies and tv shows) and it’d be great to put some to good use. 

Anyway, I kinda doubt we’ll ever have a dog, mainly because of the fur issue, but also because it’s a lot of work and stuff. But sometimes I think about it. 

Pride: the greatest weapon of mass destruction

Oct 21, 2017

I was reading in Alma chapter 2 in the Book of Mormon this morning about the Amlicites that want Amlici to be king and when the people vote him down Amlici and his followers join forces with the Lamanites and so many die on both sides of the fight. And it occurred to me that all of these deaths were preventable. Every single one. And they weren’t caused by famine or flood, but by the pride of men. These are lives that could have been saved with humility. 

What a courageous and important thing it is–both then and now–to own up to our mistakes. To say I’m sorry. To ask forgiveness. To give it. To make compromises with each other about the little things. To give service when it isn’t asked for or noticed or even appreciated. To notice others and talk together about our differences and the things we all share. Maybe we won’t understand, but at least we can try. 

To think–all those deaths. And they might have instead been caring for their flocks and raising their children and we just don’t know how early on humility is going to make the difference, but it always always will.