Sep 17, 2017 There you sit, captive If only you had looked around Before plunging along Headfirst into your own peril You call out for help Hoping someone, anyone, will hear you Come to your aid But to no avail  So there you sit Alone The last shreds of hope clinging to the roll No … Continue reading Captive

Appaloosa Way

Sep 16, 2017 The house was white with blue shutters. Both the front and back lawns were always smartly mowed, the bushes neatly kept. Beside the house was a pretty white farm fence and a great sweeping pasture for the neighbor's horses, which they went out to greet almost daily with a bit of fresh … Continue reading Appaloosa Way

Bristle Bush

Sep 11, 2017 The sunrise on that front porch was, more often than not, greeted with a bowl of fresh-made oatmeal with brown sugar and an old favorite pair of rubber-bottomed slippers. The old man read the morning paper in his rocking chair out there and greeted all the spandexed runners with a hearty "Good … Continue reading Bristle Bush

Ferry Swallow

Sep 10, 2017 Through the great bay window was a perfect view of the boats as they sailed in and out of the harbor. Just under the window sat a cushioned bench that curved to create a rather cheerful little breakfast nook, a round whitewashed table at its center. Fresh orange juice and toasted rolls … Continue reading Ferry Swallow