William Bennet Drive

Sep 8, 2017

In the backyard was a beloved little playhouse that looked just like the big house, but in miniature. Though it lacked real appliances and the “upstairs” was just a loft with a ladder, it did have insulation and real windows to help with climate control. Instead of drywall the inside walls were just plywood, but they had been painted in cheery colors that made it feel bright and cozy even on a rainy day. There was a child-size table where stews of hose water and grass were regularly stirred and a little wooden cupboard for some bowls and a wooden spoon. Out front there was a real window box, just like the big house, where the flowers were dutifully tended, if not a bit overwatered. And on either side of the of the play house door sat two little adirondack chairs, just like the ones on the big porch out front, where rather giggly would-be neighbors often stopped by for a visit or to borrow a cup of dirt sugar. 

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