5th and Elm

Sep 6, 2017 

It was an old house beautifully restored. The outdoor windows had to be updated, of course, but the stained glass in the transom windows and even the carved details on the solid wood door frames were all original, as were the glass doorknobs. They were simple, but beautiful. There were hardwood floors–original, but with a fresh finish–and great sweeping rugs and an upstairs hallway that was narrow and charming. The staircase was steep, but then, they all were back then. The fridge and television had to be retrofitted and there really never was a natural place for a computer, but all of this was made up for in the bright little library on the west side where there was–original to the house and still in perfect working condition–a rolling ladder on casters and wheels. And if you think that every single occupant of that house throughout the years hadn’t at some point taken a secret whiz around the room, head thrown back and free arm outstretched, then you’ve certainly got another think coming. 

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