At least I didn’t write “make bran muffins”

Aug 21, 2017

As usual, the baby was fussy all day unless he was being held or bounced in his bouncer. I made my usual daily half-hearted attempt at laying him in his bed for a nap, but to no avail. And then of course I was so exhausted from the day plus a lack of sleep last night that I didn’t get a chance to make the bran muffins for dinner. At least I had the sense not to write “make bran muffins” on my to-do list. Even last night when I wrote out my list for today I knew it was at best a 50% chance that they’d actually get made. 

Still, with the help of our various baby carriers and the seven year old bouncing him in his bouncer for a few long stretches, I did manage to

  • Do two big loads of laundry and get 95% of it folded and put away
  • Move and reorganize all of the food storage onto the additional shelves we bought
  • Start organizing the tools, paint, etc on another storage shelf
  • See the partial solar eclipse with the seven year old
  • Lose my temper over yet another day with a non-pooping toddler
  • Get the tuna noodle casserole in the oven for dinner (even if it did turn out to be made up of mostly onions)
  • Wash all the dinner dishes 
  • Teach the lesson for family night
  • Finally get the kids to bed

The good news is, I haven’t gotten the results back on my diabetes test yet, so at least I can still eat my feelings in ice cream and chocolate. 

5 thoughts on “At least I didn’t write “make bran muffins”

  1. emcondiegmailcom says:

    Girl, you do more than I do in a day without a fussy baby. I’m amazed you got all that done (I write as I sit on my couch doing nothing….hmmm…🤔😀)! You got this! I hope sweet Henry gets a little more content with life soon! ❤️

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