Dear future self: you’re welcome

Aug 20, 2017

This evening I prepped some meals for the week/near future. I made 4 small pans of lasagna (all to freeze & eat later), 2 pans of tuna noodle casserole (1 in the fridge to bake tomorrow night, 1 in the freezer for later), and I pre-mixed all the dry ingredients for bran muffins to bake for dinner tomorrow. (I could have baked those tonight, but they’re just so good fresh.) Later Bryan also made 2 loaves of banana bread from the bananas on the counter that were going bad. 

We also still have 5-7 frozen dinners left from the big freezer meal prep day I did back in February, so those should get eaten soon. Though, I admit, the meals from Feb that are still left in the freezer aren’t our favorites, so there’s a reason they’ve sat there for six months. 

Anyway, with school starting soon and my continued efforts to try and get back to being a normal functioning person after a rough pregnancy and recovery, I’m glad we have some real dinners all ready to go. It’d be great to not have to go grocery shopping quite so often for the next few weeks while we work through these meals. 

Now here’s to hoping I remember to actually pull them from the freezer. 

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