Ten things before 10am

Aug 15, 2017

  1. Cracklin’ Oat Bran breakfast
  2. Morning scripture study–I’m 31, which means Mosiah was a year younger than I am now when he became king. Just being in charge of my own little household is sounding pretty good right about now. 
  3. Early morning doctor visit for a baby weight check. Let’s just say that almost doubling his birth weight by a month and a half means he’s faaaaar from starving. 
  4. Kids have watched an inderminate amount of Daniel Tiger already this morning. 
  5. Working on basting the play mat quilt together in three minute increments throughout the morning
  6. Actually remembered to take my vitamin this morning. First time since I was pregnant. Whoops. 
  7. Something on me and/or someone else and/or somewhere in the house smells bad. Can’t figure out what. 
  8. About to try and lie the baby down for the third time in 30 min. Bubba just know what he likes and what he likes is: being held. 
  9. Seven year old working on her workbook. I feel simultaneously great about making her do it and really glad my mom never made me do stuff like that. 
  10. Muggy out today. Already sweaty. 

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