Please tell me there’s at least a hidden snap behind that buckle (aka more things that are lies)

Aug 11, 2017

Ok, ok. I give in. I’ll tell you how I really feel about all those currently on-trend backpacks that not only have a dumb foldover thing on top instead of just zipping shut like a normal human being, but also feature intricate buckle closures that would be really… fun to open and close all day long. I think they’re really useful and a big step up from the basic model. Not at all just another one of those things that’s made to look cool but would in no way be practical, let alone be able to hold a three ring binder.  As someone who uses a backpack every day as a purse/diaper bag and who also used one every day from, oh, about kindergarten through to the end of my bachelors degree, I’d say this new/very 90’s model is really really efficient. 

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