One little square

Jul 31, 2017

One little knit square. That’s what I got done today of the things that I was hoping to do. 

One 4″ knit square, the gauge for the baby hat I started knitting. I had initially skipped the gauge because, honestly, I didn’t know how to do it or what to do with it, but I could tell my tension making the hat was way off (too loose) and it was looking more like a toddler hat than a baby hat. Not so encouraging. 

But anyway, the gauge turned out well (I think/hope?) and I think I know a little better how to make the hat turn out right this next to around. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve started knitting this hat only to mess up and unravel it, so hopefully this will be my final time starting it and it’ll actually result in a cute baby hat this time. 

I think if I had had a few hours of quiet, uninterrupted time I could have not just made the gauge, but started the hat too, maybe even finished the hat. It’s not a crazy long project. But it certainly does take longer when you spend the day nursing and reading books aloud and doing puzzles on demand and trying to help a toddler potty train and keep everybody fed and happy. 

Anyway, at least I got the one square knit. Trying to focus on that. 

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