The long day continues 

Aug 30, 2017

Baby was crying a lot after the husband left from lunch. Tried to get him down for a nap with me so I could sleep, but he just kept crying. Finally around 2:45 I fed him on one side and he calmed down. At 3:00 I laid down on the couch with him to feed him on the other side and he did, so I finally got some rest. I set my alarm for 3:15 so I’d have plenty of time to walk over with the boys and not be rushed, but at 3:30 I woke up to my alarm going off and rushed out the door with the boys only to push the stroller through the crowd of people walking back from school. Finally got the seven year old and walked home all sweaty and out of breath.

What’s the opposite of failure called again? 

Aug 29, 2017

Between raising three children and trying to feel personally fulfilled as a creative person it’s easy to feel like I’m failing at everything from quality time with my family to how I brush my teeth. But today I got our state safety inspection on the car done with hardly any notice and all three kids so, ya know, there’s that. 

Addendum to yesterday’s list

Aug 27, 2017 

  • Sister Act
  • Sister Act II Back in the Habit
  • Hercules 
  • Mary Poppins
  • The BBC version of Harry Potter with 7 seasons where each episode is a chapter from the book and they don’t leave anything out or add unnecessary dumb stuff*

*ok so technically this doesn’t exist yet, but I’ve imagined it so many times I forget sometimes that it’s not really on the horizon, but also I’ve imagined it so many times maybe it will magically appear? 

Next up: microwave and end tables

Aug 25, 2017

Ordinarily I’m all for first come first served, but I’m finally learning that with Craigslist you’ve got to just assume 90% of the people are going to flake on you and just focus on the one person who’s actually going to show up. Hopefully the third guy to respond last night about our bunk bed and has emailed me back enough to seem reliable will be the one that actually shows up and by tomorrow afternoon our basement will be that much less cluttered. 

Modern folk art

Aug 24, 2017

I’m really enjoying working on this little play mat quilt. It feels like folk art and I love that. I’ve been thinking about some options for offering items with a similar kind of process in my shop and I’m excited to try out some of those ideas. But I think I’m gonna finish the play mat first because, duh. 

Currently next to my rocking chair

Aug 23, 2017

  • Baby bouncer
  • 2 baby blankets
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • My water bottle
  • A second bottle of water
  • My daily notebook
  • The Book of Mormon
  • Pincushion with pins and needles
  • Little sharp sewing scissors
  • Box of straight pins
  • Play mat quilt I’m work on
  • Thimble
  • Bucket with knitting project
  • Random fabric scraps
  • Bag of pearl cotton for hand quilting 
  • TV remotes
  • Olivia’s school backpack 
  • All of the seven year old’s school supplies labeled and ready for the open house tomorrow
  • Pile of trash/recycling left over from prepping school supplies
  • Baby pacifier
  • Breast pump
  • Bag of assorted bias tape and pom pom trim
  • Zipper pouch for hand sewing supplies
  • Laptop and laptop bag
  • Extra fan 
  • Foot stool
  • Dirty burp cloths
  • Boppy
  • Baby

Test results came back…

Aug 22, 2017



To celebrate the kids and I had pancakes for dinner with Nutella and cool whip. So maybe I should say that I don’t have diabetes yet. Haha. (But, yeah, or hopefully ever.) 

At least I didn’t write “make bran muffins”

Aug 21, 2017

As usual, the baby was fussy all day unless he was being held or bounced in his bouncer. I made my usual daily half-hearted attempt at laying him in his bed for a nap, but to no avail. And then of course I was so exhausted from the day plus a lack of sleep last night that I didn’t get a chance to make the bran muffins for dinner. At least I had the sense not to write “make bran muffins” on my to-do list. Even last night when I wrote out my list for today I knew it was at best a 50% chance that they’d actually get made. 

Still, with the help of our various baby carriers and the seven year old bouncing him in his bouncer for a few long stretches, I did manage to

  • Do two big loads of laundry and get 95% of it folded and put away
  • Move and reorganize all of the food storage onto the additional shelves we bought
  • Start organizing the tools, paint, etc on another storage shelf
  • See the partial solar eclipse with the seven year old
  • Lose my temper over yet another day with a non-pooping toddler
  • Get the tuna noodle casserole in the oven for dinner (even if it did turn out to be made up of mostly onions)
  • Wash all the dinner dishes 
  • Teach the lesson for family night
  • Finally get the kids to bed

The good news is, I haven’t gotten the results back on my diabetes test yet, so at least I can still eat my feelings in ice cream and chocolate.