Hair appointment 

Jul 25, 2017

I don’t want to be the person that writes that post. I don’t want to be whiny and grumpy about the things I want when I already have more than enough. 

And yet, there are things I want. 

And I’m all for delayed gratification and not being crazy material, but at some point after two years of hemming and hawing over it you just bite the bullet and dye your hair again, right? Or do you keep waiting until (fill in the blank)? I never know. If either of the salons I tried had appointments available tonight then both my wallet and my hair would be lighter, but instead I took and shower and put on frumpy jammies. 

There are days (a lot of them) when I honestly don’t care about what I look like or how I’m dressed so long as it’s modest and reasonably not-gross looking. And then there are days when it’s all-consuming and I’m hungry for dressing nice and looking nice from head to toe. 

But who am I even dressing up for? (And by “dressing up” I mean dressing like a normal human being, not, like, ball gown.) I don’t think you have to have a reason to want to have clean hair and a presentable outfit, but it can be a bit discouraging putting forth the effort only to spend the entire day at home with the kids. 

Anyway, after 2+ years since my last hair color and months of maternity clothes and now dealing with the joys of a postpartum body, I’ll let you guess what kind of day today was. So I spent some money and bought new clothes and I’ll see which ones I like enough to keep. 

All I want is to look nice–to feel nice–and have something energizing to do. 

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