Jul 24, 2017

I often think about the languages we speak. Some we’re born into, like the words we use. Others we choose, like our hobbies and professions. 

I’d say I’m proficient, maybe even above average at both speaking and writing in English. Definitely well below average (more like barely passable/definitely couldn’t get by on my own) at speaking and writing Spanish. But I’m also fairly literate at doing and reading and writing and talking about Sewing. I’m working on learning Knitting. I’m about half fluent in Crochet. 

I’m nowhere near perfect at it, but I’m arguably the world’s living expert on Olivia, Felix, and Henry. I’m fluent in the The Gospel. And in Faith. 

I’m so well acquainted with Moving that I’ve even developed my own accent. Same with Getting Rid Of Stuff. 

And I think it’s true that, the more languages we speak, the more opportunities we have available to us. The more people come into our lives. There are friends I made when speaking Small Business that I still cherish and talk with often. Sewing and Writing have opened a number of doors for me throughout my life.  My husband is fluent in Optometry and Genuinely Caring About People and it has not only led to a lot of people getting the right glasses prescription, but also getting the extra medical care and attention they need. 

I’d like to be more articulate at Listening. I’ve been working at it for years. 

I’m very slowly learning Patience, but it seems to take long time. 

I’d also like to become prolific in other important lagunages like How To Tell When Produce Is Ripe or Gardening or Cooking. Hair and Make Up. Reading Actual Books. Chilling Out About Messes. 

And maybe even in Clean Finishes When Ending A Train Of Thought. 

2 thoughts on “Languages 

  1. emcondiegmailcom says:

    I love this post. So beautifully written and such a good analogy. There are so many different languages I’d like to be better at as well. For example, you taught yourself the language of Hand Quilting and created beautiful things with that language! I love it! I want to do that! Also, when we were talking last night (which I LOVED) I felt like you were such a good listener to all our stories and adventures as of late. Thanks for being a wonderful friend and listener to me. 🙂

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