Things I want to be blazing ahead on, but mostly I’m just a boring normal person

Jul 23, 2017

  • Writing super funny witty stuff every day that just leaves you feeling delighted and laughing again as you think about it later or tell your friends (instead of, ya know, this) 
  • Doing my hair and make up every day so I look really great and feel really awesome about myself (instead of thinking of that line from Princess Diaries (pre-make over) when she looks in the mirror and says, “Well, as usual, this is as good as it’s gonna get.”) 
  • Knitting a really cute baby hat (instead of a hat that could probably fit my husband, but would just make him look like a big baby)
  • Exercising a lot and getting really fit and having impressive defined arms (instead of exercising zero)
  • Decorating my house in a really beautiful and fresh and cozy and timeless way (instead of haphazardly hanging the clock and the metal star on the wall as we were unloading the moving truck and then just leaving them there)
  • Sewing an entire wardrobe of fun, flattering, timeless clothes for myself (instead of every item of clothing I’ve sewn for myself ending up looking like a hospital gown)
  • Pottytraining my three-and-a-half year old (instead of just kind of hoping for a miracle)
  • Getting on a really great schedule (instead of, well, real life)

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