So far today

Jul 14, 2017

  • Woke up and rushed off with all three kids to an early morning weight check for the baby (all is well)
  • Wanted donuts but came straight home (because: crazy heat + humidity, and also: getting kids in and out of the car) 
  • Hour+ nap on the couch
  • Feeling dumb about yesterday’s post, but I guess the honesty (followed by self-inflicted humility) is all just part of being human
  • Ordered the complete set of Harry Potter books to start reading aloud with the kids
  • Watched the BYU tv special on Joan of Arc while I fed the baby (Olivia was surprisingly enthralled) 

3 thoughts on “So far today

  1. kathyhaynie1954 says:

    Yes. What Emily said. I’m behind on posts because we have Grandma here until Tuesday and we were out of cell range for 3 days. Future Katie is going to look back one of these days and be sooooo glad that you’re writing your heart every day in 2017. All of this is going to matter to future Katie far more than today Katie has any idea.


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