Jun 28, 2017

Sometimes social media gets a bad rap. And sometimes it deserves it. But as I keep looking back over all the family pictures I’ve posted from Henry’s birth and even the past few weeks before that, you know what I haven’t thought? I haven’t thought, “Gosh, I wish I wouldn’t have posted so much.” 

Given, in this case I’m talking about a private family IG account that I have a chatbooks subscription to, so not only is my photo sharing a way to share with family and friends, but, more importantly (to me), it’s a form of family history. 

And even more than that, in the short term (long before the printed photo books arrive in the mail), it’s all a good reminder that life is good. As a stay at home mom (ok and just as a person), so much of my daily life is a roller coaster of ups and downs and all too often, wherever the current situation in that moment happens to land dictates my vision of the whole day. Posting pictures of the good and happy and fun and meaningful parts of the day helps me to focus more on those things and be more grateful and aware of all the joy I get to experience each day. It’s not to try and create some false positive front to make friends and family think my life is more exciting than it really is. It’s just a way of cataloging and giving weight to those moments in the day I’m most grateful for and don’t want to forget. 

Obviously there’s a time and place for sharing and some things are too personal or whatever, but I sure have been grateful lately for a whole feed of reminders of the blessed life I get to live. 

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