Last night of pregnancy

Jun 26, 2017

It feels surreal to be this ready. House all cleaned up, kids safe and snug in their beds at Nana’s house, laundry all folded and put away, baby quilt finished, hospital bags all packed. It seems strange that I’ll be waking up in just a matter of hours and walking into labor and delivery–not in labor–to have a baby. 

I’ve done my best with this pregnancy and now, heading into a c-section, so many things are completely out of my control. And while there are no garuntees, I’m praying for the baby and the doctor and medical staff and I have a lot of faith that everyone will do their best and that tomorrow will be a good day. Whatever happens, I know Heavenly Father will be watching over us tomorrow. 

And my heart and prayers go out to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are taking our two oldest kids for most of the week. Lots of prayers and so much gratitude going their way. 

Just a few more little things to do tonight and then we’ll be heading to bed and waking up bright and early for the big day tomorrow. Can’t wait to share more. Please keep us all in your prayers. 

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