Jun 23, 2017

It kind of feels like hanging out in the waiting area before you board a flight. You’ve already gone through security and you’re waiting for the ok to get on the plane, but in the mean time you’re just hanging out there in limbo with your carry-on bags, trying to entertain yourself and keep busy until it’s time. 

Today I did the budget, put away some tools that were left out in the garage, and went to Target for two gallons of milk. Basically the airport equivalent of responding to an email and buying a snack. Other big plans on the agenda are… working on baby Henry’s quilt some more. That’s about it. 

It’s really peaceful and nice to have this quiet time before a big surgery and welcoming a newborn baby into the family, but also just a lot of waiting. Can’t wait to get on that plane. 

One thought on “Airport

  1. kathyhaynie1954 says:

    Haha my first thought was waiting 18 hours (!!) in PDX (!!) last June when we were trying to get to Costa Rica with a group of students we barely knew. Hoo boy. Looking back later, we all said the forced time in limbo was a key piece of the way we bonded and had such a great time together, but it took forever in the moment. Hope your plane boards early!

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