Jun 17, 2017

Sometimes we see so many beautiful snapshots we forget what it is we really want. What we choose and strive for. Is it really to have ourselves and our children dressed in the savviest colors? Or just to be well outfitted for life? Must we always have the very best of everything or can we be just be satisfied in a good, healthy way? Do we want to be busy? Popular? Sought-after? 

My vision and goals for life mainly consist of getting to live a normal, quiet, comfortable life with my family. To have good, happy, real work to do that gives me purpose doing something I enjoy and earn a little extra, but not spend so much time on it that I can’t ignore it when I want to or have time to serve and be present. 

When it comes to life choices, we should always strive for best. But I think when it comes to things–especially things as ephemeral as clothes and cupboard pulls–it’s ok to choose something reasonable or stick with what we have and be satisfied. There’s a secret joy in not always being hungry for more. There’s a powerful confidence in not desperately seeking out attention. And I think we impress the Chief just a little when we have it written on our hearts that we discover that we don’t really have to have it all after all. 

One thought on “Satisfied

  1. kathyhaynie1954 says:

    These words (these words!) remind me of a Spanish phrase that delights me. Instead of saying, “I’m full” at the end of a filling meal, one says, “Estoy satisfecho.” I am satisfied. It speaks to me–that shift in awareness from the feeling in my belly, encouraging me instead to recognize the fullness in my heart. ❤️

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