Ok, the baby can come now

Jun 14, 2017

Well, I just announced that the shop will go live tomorrow (thurs) at 9pm eastern (yay!!), so prob I’ll start having contractions anytime now.

…I could only hope. There’s been no movement on that homefront. 

At this point I fully expect to pick up Olivia from her last day of school and deliver my first wholesale order to my favorite local fabric shop (have I even told you guys about that yet? Total dream client/dream come true) tomorrow afternoon, launch the quiet page kits and PDF patterns in the shop tomorrow evening, and then ship out any and all orders that come in looooong before the scheduled c-section in just under two weeks. 

But maybe if I keep saying it out loud the universe will prove me wrong? And make me look like the fool I really really super don’t want to be? 

…Shh! Did it work? Am I being wheeled in to labor and delivery yet?

Nope. See ya in the shop tomorrow at 9. 

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