One thing left

Jun 13, 2017

Welp, there’s only one thing left on my hand-written to-do list of things I need to do before I can start selling the quiet page kits! Sadly there are a few other things not written on the list that also need to get done, but the point is, I’m ridiculously close. And since that one official thing left is to create all the product listings in the etsy shop, I should hoooooopefully be ready to release everything for sale in the shop by the end of this week. It’s certainly possible.

Well, possible assume that I don’t go into labor and have the baby. And that I get all my sales tax stuff figured out in time, but even if I don’t I think it’ll still be fine, it’ll just mean the sales tax will come out of my profits instead of the overall price. Not the ideal scenario, but also not that big of a deal. Especially since, at this point, I really just want to get this stuff listed and at least be able to ship out the first round of orders before the baby’s born.

Anyway, speaking of pregnancy, the pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel is kicking in again, so it’s time to sign off and go to bed. Peace out.

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