Sleeping & waking thoughts

Jun 12, 2017

I’ve been going to sleep and waking up with a lot of the same thoughts lately. I suppose being just a little over two weeks from the scheduled c-section has that effect, especially when I’m mentally preparing to have the same surgery for the third time. 

  • I hope the baby comes early so he’ll be here and I’ll be done being pregnant
  • As long as he’s healthy and coming early doesn’t cause any problems
  • But I literally have ultrasounds every week and everything looks fine
  • I hope he waits until the scheduled day so I don’t have to go into labor and have time to get everything done that I wanted to do before he comes
  • Plus it’d be nice to shower and get the kids to Nana’s house ahead of time and walk into labor and delivery fully prepared
  • Sigh
  • Either way, a c-section is a lot to go through and recover from
  • My nose is going to get so itchy during surgery again
  • Thank goodness they let Bryan come in with me
  • I hope the new doctor is good at c-sections
  • I’m sure she is
  • I hope she is
  • I’m going to cry when they finally hand me the baby
  • I sure hope he’s healthy and everything’s ok
  • I can’t wait for the kids to meet him

The list goes on long past that, but I’ll stop there for now. Here’s to hoping for all good things, however it all plays out. 

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